10th European Conference on
Mental Health

Lisbon, Portugal

Sep 14 – Sep 16, 2022

Theme: Moving Forward During Times of Change

Pre-Conference ONLINE Sep 13, 2022

Important dates:

  • Extra early bird fee ends: April 30th
  • Early bird registration ends: June 2nd
  • Abstract submission ends: July 11th
  • Information about accepted abstracts: July 18th
  • Last registration day for presenters: August 1st
  • Special price for presenters ends: August 1st
  • Last registration day for all: September 7th
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Welcome to Lisbon!

10th Anniversary Blog

Remember Prague?


The 5th European Conference on Mental Health in Prague 2016, gathered together almost 350 participants from 44 different countries. The weather was really warm and our get together-party was organized as a football match with beer and sausages. We also offered morning yoga for our participants. Our regular conference participant Chris Wagstaff from University of Birmingham, UK, shares his memories about the conference and Prague in general. "I believe I have only missed one ECMH. The first I attended was Turku in 2013. Heikki Ellila had given a talk at the National Psychiatric Nurses Research Conference, encouraging people to also start attending the ECMH, which I did. Tallin (2014), Riga (2015), Prague (2016), Berlin (2017), Podstrana (2018), Belfast (2019), – [...]

What is ECMH?

ECMH stands for European Conference on Mental Health. ECMH is an annual event and learning platform for mental health professionals, service users, researchers and everybody interested in the field. So far, ECMH conferences have been arranged in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia and Northern Ireland. In 2020 and 2021 ECMH went online due to covid situation. 10th anniversary of ECMH will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on Sep 14-16, 2022.

At ECMH we believe that services and care processes can be improved with respectful collaboration between different parties. In our conferences every participant’s voice is as important. We give arena for research, practice development, projects and personal experience. Our motto is: Looking for Evidence Together. ECMH community supports first-time presenters and speakers and those coming from low-income countries. We always have close collaboration with local partners in psychiatric hospitals, universities and service user associations.

Our motto is:

Looking for Evidence Together!

Organizing committee

People behind the conference

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee


Team members

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In 2016 our conference was held in Prague. What was the most memorable speech in the banquet dinner for Chris Wagstaff? What happened him during the taxi drive? Find out from our newest blog post https://ecmh.eu/2022/06/07/remember-prague/ #ecmh #mentalhealth #conference

We continue our blog series about the past conferences. This time we are remembering Riga conference with Tonje Lossius Husum from Norway. Any memories from Riga you like to share with us? https://ecmh.eu/2022/05/13/impressions-from-riga-and-the-ecmh-conferences/ #ecmh2022#mentalhealth #conference

Our keynote speakers Dr Phil Corlett from Yale University and Adam Christoferson from Musical Intervention, speak about music and mental health. Dr Corlett has been named recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Translational Research Award. Read more: https://ecmh.eu/keynote-speakers/#ecmh2022 #lisbon

On our 10th Anniversary blog Jamileh Mohtashami shares some memories from our first conference in Turku in 2013. Feel free to share your own memories in the comments! #ecmh #mentalhealth #conference https://ecmh.eu/2022/03/12/reminiscing-the-2nd-european-conference-on-mental-health-turku/

We organisers took a trip down memory lane and reminisced about the past conferences. What is the most memorable ECMH moment for you? https://ecmh.eu/2022/02/20/ten-years-of-promoting-good-mental-health-ecmh/ #mentalhealth #conference #ECMH2022

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From the blogs:

“The European Conference on Mental Health (ECMH) is relatively unique. It is one of very few events where lived experience, social care experience and health care experience are given equal prominence.”

Frank Reilly, Scottish Recovery Network

“MHE would like to extend a big congratulations to all those who organised the conference.”

Mental Health Europe

“The conference programme was full on, with some cracking keynote speakers at the start of each session.”

Tony Warne, University of Salford

“It is no coincidence that Finland is internationally known by its role as a bridge-builder and peacemaker. To our minds, the way the conference was arranged and realised represents the Finnish culture, know-how and social design at its best!”

Peaceful Impact Publisher, Finland

From the customers of the conference:

“It offers lot of excellent information. You can not get this kind of quality material elsewhere in few days.”

“ECMH offered many new insights and possible paths for personal professional development because of the excellent organisation and the interest in knowing about other models, projects, services …”

Mental Health Europe

“Personally I think it is an excellent conference. Really well put together, thoughtful, considerate, inspiring. People talk about the ECMH family – cliched but true.”

“The atmosphere was very welcoming and equal.”

“ECMH is an “easy” conference to participate both for professionals and service users. Staff is easy-going and helpful. Program is always interesting and you have a great possibility to meet new people.”

“It is very important to meet each other in European context. To see how mental health is practised in other countries and look for ways to help each other to improve the quality of mental health.”

“Excellent possibility to learn new, develop yourself and your organization, meet and get new partners.”

From the podcasts:

“I spend some time in European Conference on Mental Health, it was awesome”

Erin Lawler Patterson, The Goodness Chick