Instructions for oral and poster presentations

Oral presentations are presented in Sessions. Each session is comprised of three or four presentations, each lasting 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for audience questions). The co-chairs will assist in all situations. Bring your presentation with memory stick and come to Session Room 10 minutes before the Sessions starts.  In our conference, it is possible to change between sessions. This means, that the timetable is followed very strictly. Chairs and co-chairs in the sessions will inform all the presenters about time and they are instructed to stop the presenter if they speak longer than 15 minutes. In 15 minutes you have good time to present your study, project or development project. We recommend the use of PowerPoint and Slide Size of 16:9. In 15 minutes you can have from 10 to 12 slides.

Use font size 24, maximum of 40 words / slide, and consider if you can replace some of the text with a picture. In order to avoid technical challenges, do not use video or sound in your presentation. The file size should not be over 5 MB. Technical guidance and support will be available during the whole conference.

Poster presentations are presented at poster presentation area during the whole conference. Size of the poster should be A0 (841 x 1188 mm) and the orientation is vertical. Material can paper, fabric or some other light material. Pay attention to the visual appearance of your poster. We know that decision on reading the whole poster is made in 10 first seconds – the first impression is crucial.
Tips for a good poster:

  • Use clear and easy to read fonts
  • Less is more; try to say your message in short
  • Avoid CAPITALS and Bolding in main text
  • Avoid complex tables and figures
  • Use colors in moderate way
  • If you use pictures, ensure they look sharp after printing and they bring something essential to your poster
  • You can use QR codes to link your poster with extra material, videos etc.