Liisa Kallio

M.Soc.Sc, Chair of Organization Committee, Finland, liisa.kallio(at)

Virve Repo

PhD, Conference Coordinator, Finland, virve.repo(at)

I have been part of the ECMH family since 2011, when the conference was held in Turku, Finland. Since then I have changed my job, finished my MA in cultural history and PhD in human geography. My research interests are related to carceral, legal and historical geography and study of institutions. In my thesis I studied for example Finnish nursing homes and gero-psychiatric ward from the viewpoint of carceral geography and limited spaces. Currently I work at University of Turku as a post-doctoral researcher.  Organizing the ECMH conference have been a joyous experience and an excellent opportunity to meet and become friends with people from all over the world. On my free time I study classical singing and play ukulele, practice pilates and yoga and knit socks.

Lauri Kuosmanen

Adjunct Professor, PhD, RN, FEANS, Committee Member, Finland, lauri.kuosmanen(at)

I am one of the founders of ECMH and these 10 years have been a wonderful journey. I am very grateful for the possibility to work in different countries and cultures and getting new friends from all over the world. For me, ECMH is absolutely highlight of the year. My professional background is in mental health nursing and I have work experience from different positions in health care for 30 years now. I did my PhD in nursing science in 2009 and received title of docent (adjunct professor) in 2013. My research interests are related to bio-ethics, human rights, digitalisation and evaluation of health services. Besides ECMH, I am working at University of Eastern Finland. On my free time I play drums in a punk band, exercise in different ways and enjoy good food.

Joaquim de Oliveira Lopes

PhD Nursing, Mental Health Nurse, Teacher at Lisbon School of Nursing, Portugal