The 3rd European Conference on Mental Health was organized at the Viru hotel, Tallinn, Estonia. There were almost 300 hundred participants from 29 countries. In addition to the scientific program, the participants had possibility to take part to other activities, such as visiting the KGB-museum.

Marianne Annion from Estonia participated to the conference with her colleague Liivi Paris, also from Estonia. Marianne describes her experiences of the conference: “I was positively surprised by the organization of the conference and the choice of topics was very large. In some places, I would have liked to participate in several places at the same time. Very friendly people, experts and enthusiasts, all united by a single mental health and related problems and solutions. The conference was so exciting that I have stayed in all the conferences since then. I wish these conferences would be long overdue.”

The picture of Liivi is from the banquet dinner, which was held at the Viru hotel.